Birdy - The A Team

ZZ Ward - 365 Days

A Great Big World - Say Something

Passenger - Let Her Go

The Avett Brothers - Souls Like The Wheels

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Ghosts -Laura Marling

It’s not like I believe in everlasting love.

Oh Laura…

The Avett Brothers - Winter in My Heart

I’m seeing these guys tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. Far and away the best.

The Avett Brothers - I Never Knew You

We change a lot
And no one here can stop
That train before
It gets to where it’s going
At all

So I guess it’s kind of funny how
I loved you so way back when
You say I wouldn’t know you now
Well I didn’t even know you then

Brand New - Jesus Christ

Going to Chicago for Riotfest in 2 days and I can’t even handle it. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for so long and it’s finally here. The line up is beyond amazing.

The Format - Oceans

  • Allison sent me a workout mix and it’s basically the best ever and she’s basically the best ever and I can’t get over how tumblr people are just so great.
  • In a continued effort to catch up on the shows I missed during childhood, I’m currently watching Dawson’s Creek. Why is Dawson the worst? Also, baby Katie Holmes is so adorable.
  • I teared up a little during a preview for the 1Direction movie, which is probably a sign I’m a little overly emotional at the moment.
  • I’m going back to Washington again on Tuesday. It’s weird how somewhere that isn’t home can feel so much more like home than where you really live. Even in the midst of a lot of family chaos, it’s just good to be back there.